VIM 8.1

Few people will like to know about this, just the strong ones 🙂 but today VIM 8.1 was released, and has a feature that I was waiting for a long time – bye bye TMUX.

Now natively we can open a new terminal window on the side of our code window. Until now we had to use no fully functional plugins or keep TMUX running to have it, which is very hard to keep managing all the key binds. Check more details on the announcement

Now you can use a mouse on your iPad

A long time ago I bought the SwiftPoint GT mouse to use on the Jump iPad RDS client and it was very good. Now AWS is also


bringing support to SwiftPoint GT on its WorkSpaces client, which really improves the possibility to have the iPad as your only computer.

The mouse is small which don’t make easy for long use, but with a little bit of effort and patience you can get used to it, and because of its size it very portable.  In the box, there is also a magnet that you can attach to the iPad.

Gmail offline

One of the great new features of the new Gmail is the ability to work offline without the old ugly Chrome plugin. I can tell you that is one of the biggest issues for all my clients, I am glad it is solved.

Enable it by opening your G Suite Admin panel then Apps > G Suite > Gmail > User Settings. Select the options “Allow my users access to the new Gmail UI and features” then “Enable Gmail web offline”, as the screenshot below:Screenshot 2018-05-14 22.11.52.png

Now all the users which opt into the new interface will be able to read the last 90 days of email offline.

Let’s start from the begining

For many, many, many… Ok, I am not that old. I read several news outlets every single day. I love to be well informed all the time about several topics, over-informed sometimes. So, to try to focus my attention on this ‘many’ years, I decided to start blogging on a specific set of news and created this blog. By interacting with my challenges with the different cloud providers and balance with and what is the ‘latest and greatest’ news about then. I hope to provide my biased – because there is no such thing as unbiased – news and reviews of cloud providers and its products. I hope you enjoy!

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