Few people will like to know about this, just the strong ones 🙂 but today VIM 8.1 was released, and has a feature that I was waiting for a long time – bye bye TMUX.

Now natively we can open a new terminal window on the side of our code window. Until now we had to use no fully functional plugins or keep TMUX running to have it, which is very hard to keep managing all the key binds. Check more details on the announcement

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  1. Nice! I’m a tool junkie, so I’m always trying new stuff out, editors being no exception. I always seem to come back to vim, though. This is just further validation that nothing beats the classics!

    Don’t discount tmux, though. Still lots of good reasons to have that around (detaching from a session, but have the processes in it continue to run..).

    Thanks for this nugget!

    1. That is true, TMUX has its value! The issue was mixing VIM with TMUX and trying to fix or merge the key bindings of both tools! Now we can use Ctrl-W W to ‘jump’ windows all the time.

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